After a season-long loan move to Fulham, Loftus Chich reveals how Tuchel advised him

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Chelsea face Zinedine Zidane in the final of the Champions League group stage tonight in Russia. It is also a match that the current champions must win to win the group stage.

Up to three key players will not be able to play in the midfield. Two full-backs, Rubin Loftus Cheikh and Saul Nietzsche, are likely to join. Loftus Chiche, who was loaned out to Fulham last season, has made just three of Chelsea’s last three Premier League appearances.

Midfield attack as before He is no longer playing as a supporter behind the striker. Loftus Cheikh is a box-to-box midfielder. As a deep-lying midfielder, he is playing again.

He left for Fulham on loan. Loftus Cheikh, except for a number of chances to play, There was no significant improvement in footwork. At the start of the season, it was thought that he would often be on loan to a Premier League club. Fortunately, I was able to stay in the senior team.

As the series grows, As injury problems increase. Loftus Cheikh, like the rest of the reserves, has the same chances as manager Thomas Tuchel. It is showing a satisfactory performance.

“I’m very happy to be back at Fulham,” he told the club’s official website. Tuchel revealed what advice he had given her. This is how he commented on playing as a deep-lying midfielder like Jorge Ho.

“The coach has come back from a long-term injury to me. I understand how difficult it was to get on loan at Fulham. He left them in the past. The focus is on what is happening. ”

“After the pre-season, I felt full of self-confidence. I am also concerned about the present. Focus on your current training program. I do not want to dwell on the past. It was difficult for me to get on loan at Fulham. I want to leave the past in the past. ”

“I love playing in midfield. In addition to playing on the field. I like the role of playing football. For the last three years I have not had the pleasure of playing football. ”

“You can play anywhere in the midfield. I’m comfortable As a kid, I used to play in the midfield. As I got older, I got to play more attacking games. ”

“I do not regret it because the team needs a player who is ready to play in that position. The coach is ready to play me where I want to be. ”