Arteta explains why he allowed Ankhitarya to play against Everton instead of Peppe

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has ruled out a move for Ancelotti in the defeat to Everton, saying the England international deserves to play.

Nicholas Pepe joined Arsenal from Lille in 2019 for a record ပေါင် 72million. Pepe has not been able to perform as well as fans had hoped since arriving in Ann Arbor.

Ivory Coast international Nicolas Peppe has scored just 15 goals and created eight assists in 67 Premier League appearances for Arsenal.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has used Smithro and Saka more than any other player this season, with the former Lilleman only playing five minutes in the last six games.

In yesterday’s game against Everton, Arteta was ruled out with a hamstring injury, but was replaced by Anchiatia. When Ankhitarya was replaced, Pe’s dissatisfaction spread on social media.

Ankhitarya had one chance after substitution, but his header went just wide of the post. After the match, reporters asked Coach Arteta why he did not use Pepe.

Arteta said: “It’s because we have decided to let Anchia play today. To allow him to play as a substitute. He created three chances in 25 minutes and hit the post once. ”

“He did everything at the training ground to be able to play like that in 25 minutes. He showed that he deserves to play every day. That allowed him to play. ”

Coach Arteta also clarified that the Brazilian had suffered a hamstring injury but did not show any positive symptoms.