Arteta has been urged to drop an Arsenal player after the game against United

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Former Gunners striker Kevin Campbell has suggested that Arsenal boss Arsenal Wenger should remove captain Abubakar Mian from the starting line-up.

Aubameyang has been on the decline since last season, scoring just 10 Premier League goals for Arsenal last year. In the opening six games of the season, Aubameyang has scored five goals and regained his form.

However, Aubameyang has missed the last five games in a row and has been criticized by fans for missing out on goals in those five games.

Former Gunners legend Tony Adams has even called for Soba Mian to be left out of the squad. Now Campbell has called for Abubakar Mian to be dropped.

Campbell was in the Highbury Squad: “He (Aubameyang) can do nothing for the team now. It’s time to drop him off the squad. ”

“No matter what he does, No matter how hard you try, it will not work. It was as if the team was carrying him back. He could not get out of this situation. It looks really painful. I really feel it. ” He said.

Arsenal boss Arsen Wenger has ruled out a return to action for United captain Arsen Wenger in the summer transfer window. However, Henry disagreed with Arteta’s decision and criticized it on Amazon Prime.

“One thing I do not understand is that Aubameyang is the captain of the team. Team scorer He himself is the team leader. There are 20 minutes left in the match. My team is losing 3-2. At that moment, he changed Uber. ”

“I have never been substituted in a 3-2 away defeat. I can never understand what it means to fire your team captain when you need a goal. He can score goals for the team. ”

“Arteta is the team’s coach and he has every right to change anyone he wants. “But I want to say that he is the captain. If he is not a goal-scorer, it doesn’t matter if he is sent to the bench. It felt a little weird since he was replaced. ”