Claude explains why Jota scored less goals at Wolfsburg and why they decided to sign him

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When I look back on his playing career, he started at Atletico, initially on loan at Porto Wolfsburg. Then came the final to Wolf.

I still remember the first time I saw him. “I thought he was my favorite player because of his hard work in all situations.

High in technique, but hard work in the match really makes a difference. Because at this level, all the players are very good both technically and qualitatively.

If all else fails, get ideas from others. You can make a difference in your attitude.

That’s the most exciting thing about Diego. He put it all together.

People said he didn’t score many goals at Wolves. The problem is that Wolfsburg has been the toughest player on the wing. You have to play incredible defense.

Jimenez was a bit on the offensive side. The rest had to cover almost the entire stadium. This consumes a lot of energy and slightly destabilizes the attack.

And he was very young then. He is now 25 years old. “It’s really interesting for us because he was young.

It is now clear that he can take the next step with us. That’s what he did. ” He said.

“I would like to commend the coaching staff for their excellent performance,” said Claude.

It’s not easy to take over from long-serving Nuno’s team and get everything back on track. Wolfsburg may not have been the best season since being promoted to the Premier League last season, but they are still very stable and clear.

“Unfortunately Brunolaja changed that for the better and they became a really good team. The defense has not changed much.

Everyone has to play for Wolfsburg. This is clear. We knew this when we watched Diego closely.

“He did a lot of running there and that made us even more interested in him. The strikers are still doing the same thing.

This means that they have a dangerous counter-attack. They also have good tactical players.

In midfield, there is a pair of Nivet and Mawtin Nyo, and there is Ginnett, who is recovering well in attack. They are a really good team and difficult to play.

They didn’t score much and didn’t shoot much on goal. So we definitely need to be creative. ”