Edouard Mandy recounts when Cante predicted Chelsea would win the Champions League last season

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Chelsea did not expect much last season. Bayern Munich PSG Beyond Manchester City This is the second time in club history that they have won the Champions League.

At the group stage, Chelsea have won four and drawn one. There are no draws or losses. With the group leader, 16 teams reached the knockout stage. Atletico beat hard-fought Atletico 3-1 on aggregate in the last 16. Reached the quarter finals.

In the quarter-finals, they beat Porto 2-1 on aggregate. Chelsea reached the semi-finals again. In the semi-finals, Chelsea beat Real Madrid 3-1 on aggregate to win the Champions League.

In the final, German midfielder Kaing Harvez scored the only goal of the game against defending rivals Manchester City near the end of the first half. In the last five stages, Chelsea midfielder Anglo Kante has won the Man of the Match award four times.

Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mandi has revealed in a statement to beIN Sport that Cante predicted his title would go ahead of last season’s Champions League group stage first day.

“I want to tell you about one of the most amazing things that happened last season,” Mandy said. It was when we were on the team bus for the Champions League group stage opener. We , Anglo Card (Zuma) Oli (Jeru) sat alone on the bus. ”

“Anglo was there with full confidence. “I think we will win the Champions League this year. Yes , I do not know why. That’s what I feel in my mind, ‘he told us. ”

“This is the first day of the Champions League. There I said to Anglo, ‘Stay! “Wait and see the result of tonight’s group opener against Sevilla.” The game against Sevilla at Stamford Bridge that night was the most difficult in the group. ”

“They came to our home field and He dominated as much as 70% of the ball. In that match, as far as I can imagine, Angolo ran 13 km non-stop. ”

“After the game, I said to Angolo, ‘What about now? How do you feel about this year’s Champions League? ‘ There he smiled and said, ‘More than we thought. It’s like we have to wait a little longer. ‘ ”