Former Anfield midfielder has been linked with a move to Liverpool this summer

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Former Liverpool midfielder Ray Houghton has named two players he should try to sign next summer.

Liverpool have been linked with a number of top players this summer, with the likes of Juventus,  is a lot of news with Lewis Diet and Groove Bowen.

Houghton believes Liverpool should not bring in Porto’s Lewis Diet and West Ham’s Bowen. However, the Irish midfielder has revealed that two other players should be signed by Yagan next summer.

Liverpool signed only Conte နဲ့ 35million last summer, and last transfer window was too low to spend on top-flight signings next summer.

In the summer, Oxford Chamberlain, Minamino Origi Hodgson believes Juventus midfielder Federico Chiesa and Napoli midfielder Fabian Ruiz are the ideal targets for re-signing two first-team players such as Napoli.

“There is one player I like and he is Chius from Juventus,” Houghton said. He is a creative player who can score goals. “He is definitely a player I want to have at Liverpool.

There is no doubt that Bowen and Diaz are quality players. But can they withstand the pressure of playing for Liverpool? You do not know.

I watched Napoli play Fabian Ruiz. He is tall and has a good scale. “The thing I like about him is that he is a left winger.

There aren’t many midfielders like that. Only right-backs are seen on the left side of the pitch, and what they usually do is get in and narrow the pitch.

What I want to say is look at the way Liverpool play. Because of their front three, midfielders do not have to play box-to-box. They are side-to-side players.

Because when the full-backs follow the attack, the midfielders have to go and cover them. Therefore, in Liverpool’s style of play, midfielders do not have to play defensively.

Liverpool are looking for a midfielder who could replace the full-back. Are you technically sound? Are there any plans to send the ball to the attacking players?

“Because Liverpool are doing the most to win games.” I said.

Chiesa was one of the best players at Euro 2020 and his attacking style on the wing was a favorite of Liverpool.

Fabian Ruiz is a box-to-box player who could be a good replacement for Wyndon, and if Liverpool could not make the move to Birmingham, the Spanish midfielder could be a good option.