Funeral service for 10 people killed in Bulgaria car crash

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Hundreds of people gathered in a small village outside Skopje on December 3 to escort 10 people, including six children, who were killed in a bus crash last week in Bulgaria.

Ten green coffins were placed in the village cemetery, and families and neighbors greeted them.

“This is bad news for us and for the whole village,” said Nuridin Bajami, a neighbor of the Jahi family who lost five members of his family in the crash. “They are good people.”

Earlier in the day, a bus carrying passengers from Istanbul to Northern Macedonia caught fire earlier in the day, killing at least 45 people in their village.

The bodies of the 45 dead arrived at Skopje airport on Friday afternoon in two Bulgarian warplanes. They were all buried in different cemeteries across the country on Friday afternoon.

The dead and passengers were all Albanian from northern Macedonia.

Bulgarian investigators say the main cause of the accident may have been human error.