Human Rights Day celebration on the other side of the Myitsone resort in Kachin State

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Locals and Myitsone activists held a rally on December 9 on the other side of the Myitsone resort in commemoration of the International Human Rights Day, which falls on December 10.

At the rally, about 40 people were the enemies of all the Kachin who destroyed the Myitsone Dam. Myitsone is not owned by one person. Let us protect Myitsone for the longevity of the Union. Gathering with handwritten signs saying that no government wants to protect the Myitsone Dam; He also prayed.

“It’s a pre-Human Rights Day celebration,” said one attendee. We want the Myitsone Dam to last forever. We do not want to destroy the environment near Myitsone. It does three things. I prayed for half an hour. Local people Young people Only Myitsone activists are doing it, ”he said.

On the morning of December 7, young people from Rangoon and Laiza rallied with photos entitled ‘Save the Myitsone Dam, the source of the Irrawaddy.’

Regarding the issue of gold mining in Myitsone, the Myitsone area is a natural value of the whole nation. Damage to landmarks due to gold mining; Previous excavations have been halted due to possible repercussions and social problems. This time, gold is being mined under the theme of Myitsone Dam Rehabilitation and Beautification. The reclaimed land will not be as solid and complete as the original land. If there are any side effects, gold miners, Permitters On October 14, 2021, it was the responsibility of the supporters. Residents of Tanaphare village protested.

CPI to build Irrawaddy hydropower dam on Myitsone ချီ ဖြေး၊ ဝူ ဆောက်၊ Phi Saw ခေါင်း လံ ဖူး၊ ယေး နန်၊ Lhasa has seven projects with a total installed capacity of about 20,000 megawatts, generating about 100 billion units of electricity per year, according to the company’s diary.

On May 28, 2010, the Myanmar government approved the implementation of the Maykha-Malikha and Irrawaddy Myitsone hydropower projects; Driving power generation; Investment licenses were issued for repatriation and transfer.

Villages near Myitsone have been relocated to government-designated villages for more than 10 years due to the Myitsone project.

47 villages to be relocated due to Myitsone project; 1904 households; It has a population of 10,505 and currently lives in Myitsone (Malizup); တန် ဖဲ့၊ ရွေ ပါး၊ က ဒန် ပါ၊ Don Bang Villages such as Laphe are being relocated to Aung Myin Thar and Malian villages.

In Aung Myin Thar village, 317 households; Population 2075 120 households in Maliyan village; There are more than 500 people, most of whom are struggling to make ends meet, according to locals.

On September 30, 2021, it was 10 years since President Thein Sein announced the suspension of the Myitsone Dam project on September 30, 2011.