Laurell’s Premier League predictions that all the big clubs will be fine

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With the Champions League group stage over, the big clubs will be back in full force in the Premier League.

United Manchester City and Liverpool have moved on to take the top spot in the group stages. Chelsea slipped away from home and finished second.

In the Europa League, West Ham lost at home to reach the knockout stages. Leicester lost to Napoli in the Europa Conference.

BBC Sports columnist Lauro says his predictions for the big clubs are good this week.

Manchester City – Wolfsburg

Manchester City have already reached the knockout stages of the last 16, having rested some of their players in the final game against Leipzig. Therefore, the outcome of that match will not affect their performance in the Premier League. They have won the last five games in a row. It even topped the charts.

Wolfsburg will try not to give too many chances away from home. At the same time, they will not get much of a chance to score. If you look at the last five games, they have conceded just one goal in each game. “I do not think it’s a problem for Manchester City.

Prediction: Manchester City 4-0 Wolfsburg

Arsenal – Southampton

I do not want to say that Arsenal’s old style has returned to normal, because I have used the same word over and over again. But for now, it looks like Arsenal are back.

Such a slip-up would be very frustrating for their manager. I woke up with a bad start to the season. He went through a lot of record with no defeats. But now it’s all over again.

What this means is that the team is more than capable. It expresses a psychological perception. Some of them see weaknesses in that area. This is also a concern for the club.

In fact, even after the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool, their performance was really good at times. But when one side plays with stress, some players can not wake up.

Whatever happened in the previous matches, this match will be played at home. The home result will be better and they will beat Southampton.
Prediction: Arsenal 2-1 Southampton

Chelsea – Lead

Chelsea are slipping towards the end of the game, especially in the back four. It is also emotionally severe. It is strange that a team with such a strong team often loses to a team like West Ham.

But Leeds United are worse. If only Kevin Phillis and Patrick Bumford had been rested due to injury, the game would have been hopeless.
Prediction: Chelsea 2-0 Lead

Liverpool – Aston Villa

“I’m not at all surprised that Gerrard is doing so well at Aston Villa because he pushes all the players.

The current squad was built by Dean Smith, but with the arrival of Gerrard, training methods will change. He also brought in new ideas and good coaching staff.

If he stays the way he is, he will surely become Liverpool manager. But he has always denied it. This is good for him too. You can focus on Villa work.

With Gerrard’s return, there will be tens of thousands of Anfield fans. I just want to say that the host wins this match.

Prediction: Liverpool 2-0 Villa

Norwich – United

Dean Smith’s Norwich unbeaten run as manager’s record was shattered against Spurs. At the same time, Newcastle won and they went back to the bottom of the table.

In my opinion, there will be difficulties for them in this match as well. It will take some time for United to regroup under interim manager Ranieri, but it will not be easy for Norwich.

United’s running distance in the game against Pele is quite interesting. That figure is even higher than in previous seasons. But they will play Norwich comfortably.
Prediction: Norwich 0-2 United

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