Over ten million followers within six hours of each BTS member setting up an Instagram account

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At around 6pm KST on December 6, all seven BTS members opened their Instagram accounts and set a record number of followers within hours.

RM၊ Jin Suga; J-Hope; Jimin; At 12 a.m. local time on December 7, after V and Jungkook opened accounts, the total number of followers increased to over 10 million.

The reason why BTS members have set up their own Instagram accounts has also been revealed by BTS’s Big Hit Music agency, which aims to show individual activities and keep in touch with fans.

For the first time in the eight years since BTS was formed on June 13, 2013, members have opened their own Instagram accounts. Originally, there was only one group account held by the agency. It also has an official Twitter account to connect with fans and uses Weverse, a Korean platform.

On November 19, KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Company Live ranks the top eight highest-grossing artists in the advertising industry, surpassing Jum Ji Hyun, the longest-running artist in advertising, by 2021.

BTS partnered with McDonald’s last May and is expected to generate around 10 billion won in advertising revenue. At present, there are 11 brands that advertise BTS, and by 2021, advertising revenue will reach around 65 billion won.

In addition, BTS hosted a four-day concert in the United States for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, with strong South Korean fans reaching out to the United States and cheering. Permission to Dance on Stage will be held on November 27 at Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles. December 28 and 1; It was held for 2 days.

Jin Jimin and Jungkookn returned to South Korea on December 6 for self-quarantine, and the other four will return to live with them.

On November 21, BTS hosted Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards in LA. In addition to the Artist of the Year award, the Best Pop Band Award went to Drake and The Weeknd. Wins Best Pop Song Award