Riot in Brussels, Belgium, protests against COVID-19 rules

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Police in riot gear stormed a rally in Brussels on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Nearly 8,000 people from all over Brussels marched on EU headquarters, chanting “Freedom!”

The great crowd drew over 35,000 protesters in the past 35,000 protesters in the past 35,000 protesters, and the police prepared well for the protest.

At a crossroads outside the EU headquarters, barbed wire was barricaded to prevent protesters from entering, and riot police lined up.

Two drones and a helicopter were passing by, and protesters hurled fireworks and beer cans. Police responded to protesters using fire exhibitors and tears.

More riots erupted as the crowd dispersed in small groups around European headquarters, with some protesters setting fire to barricades.

Two police officers and four protesters were hospitalized and about 20 people were arrested, police said.

Protests have erupted in recent weeks in several European countries as governments have imposed stricter restrictions on fears that the COVID-19 virus could increase.

Protesters wore masks and masks. They violated compulsory health regulations, such as the COVID-19 rules and immunization permits.

Protesters on December 5 held placards reading “Covid = planned genocide” and satirical signs referring to the EU’s COVID-19 digital safety endorsement.

Some protesters brought their children and shouted that the vaccine made their children sick.

European Commission President Asula Vondalian said on December 1 that it was time to get vaccinated.