When the promise is kept

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“Promise. When it is established, Influence Weeds and trees; The admonition of “Shinmaha Thilawantha” “He enters medicine” is well known in Burmese literature. Keeping promises; Loyalty is a very important and precious virtue for human beings. Keeping promises; Loyalty is also linked to morality, and it is a commitment.

Only those who are faithful can be considered morally upright. Most people make promises at any time. But how do you keep your promises? It is impossible for a person to keep all the promises he makes in life. The key to understanding yourself is how often you break your promises and how you deal with them.

The dictionary defines a promise as something defined by someone It is a statement that will or will not be avoided. It is a statutory declaration that gives a person the opportunity to expect or be assured of the act or control of a specific act.

When a person does not keep his promises to another person, he has a relationship that means he does not value that person. You choose something else instead of what you promised. Others will realize that they can no longer rely on themselves. Even small cracks in a relationship can be a sign of a breach of promise.

Breaking a promise not only does not value our relationships with others, but we do not value our own words. In other words, you do not value yourself. Can a person who does not value himself be trusted to be valued by others? Therefore, breaking a promise is a violation of one’s self-image. It can affect your self-confidence and your whole life.

If someone makes more promises than they can keep, “What is the motive behind the promise?” “Why make a relevant promise?” “What is the purpose” and “Is the fulfillment of the promise for the recipient? Is it for myself? ” Sometimes making promises comes from good intentions.

Sometimes promises are for what we receive. To make sure someone likes you; It is easy to make a promise to get what you want. They are happy to say what others want to hear. But you need to be honest with yourself about what you promise.

Life is fast moving at the speed of light It’s running out and humans have to make choices about how to spend their time. So just as you need to think about your plans for life, you need to ask yourself if you can keep your promises before you make them.

However, keeping your promises is not only good for others, it is good for yourself.